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Copper Tubes, Copper / Brass / Aluminium Tube, Cupronickel Pipes, Non Ferrous Metal Tubes, Valsad, India


The Company is manufacturing Quality Copper, Brass, Aluminum & Cupronickel Tubes In Various grade as per relevant I. S. & ASTM standards. Inspections, Quality Control & Testing Procedures are adopted at various stages of Manufacturing to ensure Quality Products.

The Company Manufactures & Exports the above tubes in Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, Lining, Narling, Hex, Octagon, etc. shapes in different sizes as required by the Customers.

We Manufacture Tubes From 1.5 mm to 32 mm diameter with various Wall Thickness as required. Tubes of different shapes are manufactured as per the specification given by the customers.


We cater the requirements of the following Industries:

- Agricultural Sprayer
- Ball Pens, its refill & other Writing Instruments
- Air conditioning & Refrigeration Industries
- Cable Terminals/ends
- Electrical & Electronic Items
- Umbrellas
- Heaters/Heat Exchangers
- Solar Heaters
- Pressure Gauges
- Automobiles Industries
- Radiators
- Furniture
- Decorative Light Fixtures
- Water Plumbing
- Textile Bobbins
- Stove Burner Industries
- Industrial Equipments

And many other engineering Industries where Non-Ferrous Pipes & Tubes are used.